Legacy Performance Horses LLC


About Myself...

Graduate of University of Wisconsin River Falls with a BA in Animal Science with an Equine Emphasis.

A Lesson program that teaches students how to be safe, and responsible.

A Horse Show Program that lets riders that do not own a horse experience what horse shows are all about.


2003 Show Season:
"Unduns Sir Skipster"-Grand Champion in age 19 and up Western Pleasure, Maiden Western Pleasure, and Maiden Walk/Trot Western Pleasure.  Reserve Champion in Quarter Horse Western Pleasure and Jr. Horse Western Pleasure

2004 Show Season: 
"Otoe Rebel Bar"- Grand Champion in age 19 and up English Pleasure and Quarter Horse English Pleasure.  Reserve Champion Maiden Walk/Trot English Pleasure. 
"ShezaKrystalCowgirl"- Fourth Place in 2 yr Old Longeline WBHA, Reserve Champion in Jr. Horse Western Pleasure, Quarter Horse Western Pleasure, and 19 and up Western Pleasure.

2005 Show Season: 
"Shimmerin Silhouette"- Reserve Champion in Yearling Longeline. WBHA Yearling Mare Halter 3rd. 
"Heza Undun Classic"
- Third Place in an Open Versatility Futurity.  Grand Champion in 2 yr. old Pleasure, and Quarter Horse Western Pleasure.  Reserve Champion in 2 yr. old Longeline, Maiden Walk/Trot Western Pleasure, Jr. Horse Western Pleasure, and Trail in Hand.  WBHA 2 yr old Gelding Halter 5th. 
"UndunsClassy Leaguer"- 7th at the IBHA World show in 2 yr. Old Longeline.
"ShezaKrystalCowgirl"- Placed 7th under a judge at the IBHA World show. WBHA Disciplined Rail Western 3rd.
"The Cool Sweep"
- WBHA Sr. Horse W/T Reserve Champion.
"Unduns Sir Skipster"
- WBHA Discipline Rail Hunt seat 5th, WBHA Hunter Hack 3rd.

2006 Show Season:
"And Justice Is Dun": IBHA ROM in 2yr old Longeline, & 5th in the World in 2 yr old Longeline. 
"UndunsClassy Leaguer": IBHA ROM in HUS and Western Pleasure, 3rd in the World in HUS Disc. Rail & 4th in the World in HUS, 9th in the World Western Pleasure, & WBHA Reserve Champion Jr. Horse Western Pleasure.
"Coole Nuff Lark" - WBHA Reserve Champion Dun factor, 6th in Yearling Longe line, & IBH congress Top Ten Longe Line Futurity.
"Big Time Sensation" - WBHA 4th in 3 yr old Geldings.
"Unduns Sir Skipster" - WBHA Reserve Champion Hunter Hack, IBHA Reserve Honor Roll Hunter Hack.
"The Dun Legacy" - WBHA 9th Sr. Horse HUS & IBH Congress Reserve Circuit Champion W/T.
"Heza Undun Classic" - WBHA 5th Western Disc. Rail, & IBH Congress Top Five 3-4 Yr Old Western Pleasure
"Larks Tuff To Me" - Reserve Champion 2-3 yr old Pleasure.

2007 Show Season:
"UndunsClassy Leaguer" -
WBHA Reserve High Point Open Rider in May.  3 Memorial day I.S.B.A Circuit Champions awards and 1 Reserve Champion award. Gateway to the World Circuit Champion Aged Mares  3rd IBHA World Show Aged Mares 6th IBHA World Show Hunter Hack, 6th IBHA World Show Hunter Under Saddle, 7th IBHA World Show HUS Disc. Rail, 8th IBHA World Show Western Disc Rail, 7th IBHA World Show Western Pleasure, 9th IBHA World Show Barrels,  7th IBHA World Show Poles. WBHA Reserve High Point Rider in September. IaBHA Reserve high Point Open Rider in  September,  WBHA 3rd Aged Mares, WBHA 4th Jr HUS, WBHA Reserve Champion HS Disc. Rail, WBHA 3rd Hunter Hack, WBHA 5th Jr. Western Pleasure, WBHA Reserve Champion Western Disc. Rail, WBHA Reserve Champion Barrels.  ROM in Western Disc Rail WBHA Year End Reserve All Around Horse, IBHA Reserve Honor Roll Hunt seat Disc Rail, IBHA 4th Honor Roll Western Disc Rail.
"Weeds Bright Jewel"- Gateway to the World 2yr old mares Reserve Circuit Champion,  IBHA WORLD CHAMPION 2 yr Old Mares,  IBHA WORLD CHAMPION 2 Yr Old LONGE LINE.  IBH Congress Reserve Circuit Champion 2 Yr. Old Mares,  WBHA 4th 2 Yr old Mares, WBHA 3rd 2 yr old Longe Line, IBHA 5th Honor Roll 2 yr Old Mares, IBHA 5th Honor Roll 2 yr Old Longe Line.
"Classically Undun" - CRC Reserve Champion Western Pleasure 19-34, CRC Reserve Champion Jr. Horse Western Pleasure, CRC Reserve Champion 2 & 3 yr old Pleasure.
"Larks Sugar Daddy" WBHA Reserve Champion Yearling Geldings.

2008 Show Season:
"Dun Got A Gator" - 5 Memorial Day I.S.B.A reserve circuit champions. WBHA Reserve High point horse in July. IBHA World results: 3rd Barrels,  3rd Sr. HUS, Reserve Champion HS Disc. Rail, 3rd Hunter Hack, 4th Aged Geldings, 7th Western Disc. Rail. Warm-Up to the World Circuit placings: Reserve Champion All Around High Point Horse, Grand Champion Sr. HUS, Reserve HS Disc Rail, Reserve Western Disc. Rail, Reserve Barrels, & Reserve Poles. IBH Congress results: Reserve Circuit Sr. HUS, Reserve Circuit Hunter Hack, Reserve Circuit Barrels, Reserve Circuit Poles & 4th Place overall for Super Horse. ROM Sr. HUS, & ROM Hunter Hack. IaBHA Open High Point Horse-June. WBHA 5th Aged Geldings, WBHA 3rd Sr. HUS, WBHA 3rd HS Disc. Rail, WBHA Grand Champion Hunter Hack, WBHA 3rd HS Trail, WBHA 4th Western Trail, WBHA 6th Sr. Western Pleasure, WBHA 3rd Western Disc. Rail, WBHA Reserve Pole Bending, & WBHA Reserve Barrels. WBHA 3rd Sr. Horse W/T. IaBHA High Point Horse-July.  IaBHA High Point Horse-September. IaBHA 3rd Dun Factor, IaBHA 5th Aged Geldings, IaBHA Champion Sr HUS, IaBHA Champion HS Disc. Rail, IaBHA Reserve Hunter Hack, IaBHA 3rd HS Trail, IaBHA Champion Sr. Western Pleasure, IaBHA Reserve Western Disc. Rail, IaBHA Reserve Barrels, IaBHA Reserve Pole Bending, IaBHA Reserve Champion Year End All Around Horse. IBHA Honor Roll Champion Hunter Hack, IBHA Honor Roll  3rd Sr. HUS,  IBHA Honor Roll  6th HS Disc Rail. IBHA Honor Roll Champion Hunter Hack,  IBHA Honor Roll 3rd Sr. HUS & IBHA Honor Roll 6th HS Disc. Rail.
"Weeds Bright Jewel" - IBHA World Placings: Reserve World 3 yr old Mares, 4th Jr HUS.  Warm-Up to the World Circuit placings:  Grand Champion 3yr Old Mares. IBH Congress results: Circuit Champion Jr HUS, & Reserve Circuit 3Yr Old Mares. ROM Jr. HUS. WBHA Reserve 3yr old Mares, & WBHA 3rd Jr. HUS. IaBHA Reserve 3yr Old Mares & IaBHA 3rd Jr HUS. IBHA Honor Roll  4th Jr HUS. IBHA Honor Roll 4th Jr. HUS & IBHA Honor Roll 4th 3yr Old Mares
"UndunsClassy Leaguer" - IBHA World Results: 5th aged mares. Warm-Up to the World Circuit placings: Reserve Aged Mares.  IBH Congress results: 3rd aged mares,  6th Jr Western Pleasure & Reserve Circuit Jr. Walk trot. IBHA ROM Halter.  WBHA 3rd Aged Mares, WBHA 3rd Jr Western Pleasure, WBHA 3rd Pole Bending, & WBHA 5th Barrels. WBHA 3rd Jr. Horse W/T 
"UltimasLegendary Tai" - IBHA World results: 8th 2 yr old longe line. WBHA 3rd 2yr Old Geldings, & WBHA 3rd 2yr Old Longeline. IBHA Honor Roll  3rd 2yr Old Longeline.

2009 Show Season:
"Dun Got A Gator": IBHA Pre-Circuit All Around Open Horse, 2 Pre-Circuit Grand Champions, 2 Pre-circuit Reserve Champions. IBHA World All Around Open Horse. IBHA World Placings: Reserve Hunt Seat Trail, Reserve Hunt Seat Disc. Rail, 3rd Hunter Hack, 3rd Poles, 3rd Barrels, 4th Sr HUS, 6th Disc. Rail, 6th Sr Western Trail, 8th Sr Western Pleasure, 8th Aged geldings. IBHA Honor Roll 6th Sr HUS and IBHA Honor Roll 3rd Hunt seat Disc. Rail.
"Gremlins In My Coat":
Ohio Red White And Buckskin Reserve Open Horse. IBHA World Reserve All Around Horse, IBHA Reserve World Champion Hunter Hack, IBHA World 3rd Jr. HUS, IBHA World 3rd Hunt Seat Trail, IBHA World 4th Poles, IBHA World 6th Barrels.  IBHA Honor Roll Reserve Hunter Hack and IBHA Honor Roll Jr HUS.
"UndunsClassy Leaguer":
IBHA World 4th Aged Mares, IBHA Pre-Circuit Reserve Aged Mare.  IBH Congress 5th Aged Mares. WBHA Champion Aged Mares, WBHA 4th Dun Factor.  WBHA Honor Award.
"Heza Deluxe Gem":  
IBHA World 3rd Yearling Longe Line, IBHA World 8th Yearling Geldings. IBH Congress Futurity Longe Line 3rd. 11 Reserve Champion Stallion WBHA, 3 Grand Champion Stallion Ohio, 5 Reserve Champion Stallion Ohio. WBHA 4th Yearling Longe line, WBHA Reserve Champion Yearling Stallions. IBHA Honor Roll 5th Yearling Longe Line.

2010 Show Season:
"Joakers Stars N Bars": WBHA May Reserve High Point horse. ABRA World Reserve Open All around Horse, ABRA World Placings: 8th Barrels, 5th pole bending, 7th keyhole, 5th stakes race, Reserve hunter hack, 4th senior HUS, 9th reining. ABRA ROM Hunter Hack. ABRA Reserve Honor Roll Hunter Hack. IBHA World Champion Open All around horse. IBHA World Placings: 4th barrel racing, 4th pole bending, 8th reining, Reserve western riding, 9th senior western pleasure, 6th western trail, World Champion Sr HUS, Reserve hunt seat discipline rail, World Champion hunter hack, 4th hunt seat trail, 7th aged geldings, and 5th western discipline rail.  IBHA 6th honor roll pole bending,  IBHA 3rd honor roll Sr. HUS,  IBHA Honor Roll Hunter Hack, IBHA 6th Honor Roll HS discipline rail, and IBHA 6th Honor Roll Performance Horse. IBH Congress Reserve Champion All around horse, 3x IBH Congress reserve circuit champion.
"Rocking Kelvis": Memorial Day weekend Circuit Champion JR HUS.
"Heza Deluxe Gem": Memorial Day weekend Reserve circuit champion 2-Yr old Longe line.
"HollywoodsBigLeauger": IBHA Honor Roll 6th Yearling longe line. IBHA World 5th yearling longe line.  ABRA World 4th Yearling Geldings. WBHA 3rd Yearling longe line.
"Miss CremeDeLaCreme": IBHA world 7th 2 yr old mares, 4th 2 yr old longe line.  ABRA World 6th 2 yr old mares
"UltimasLegendaryTai": ABRA World 8th Western Pleasure
"Pretty Buckin Good": IBH Congress Jr Western Pleasure Futurity Reserve Champion

2011 Show Season:
"Solid Gold Levis": Palomino World Champion Road Hack, Palomino Reserve World Champion Hunter in Hand
"Pretty Buckin Good": ABRA World: 9th Jr Trail,  8th Barrel Racing, 4th Pole bending, 3rd Keyhole, 3rd Stakes Race,8th Performance Halter Mares,6th Jr HUS. IBHA World Champion Jr. Western Pleasure, IBHA World 4th Jr HUS, Iowa Buckskin-1st Jr HUS, 2nd Huntseat Trail, 2nd Jr WP, 2nd Barrels, 2nd Poles, 2nd HS Disc Rail, 3rd Western Trail, & 3rd Western Disc Rail. Reserve IBHA Honor Roll Jr. WP, Reserve IBHA Honor Roll Jr HUS, 4th IBHA Honor Roll HS Trail, 5th IBHA Honor Roll HS Disc Rail.  6th IBHA Honor Roll Performance Horse. ABRA honor Roll 5th (tie) Barrel Racing.
"Huntin For Hot Socks": ABRA World: 7th Sr HUS.  IBHA World: 4th Sr HUS. IBHA Honor Roll 3rd Sr HUS
"See You Downtown":
ABRA World 9th Dun Factor

2012 Show Season:
"Huntin For Hot Socks": ABRA ROM Hunter Hack. ABRA World Show: Reserve World Champion Hunter Hack. ABRA Honor Roll Champion Hunter Hack.
"Larkin So Creamy": ABRA World 6th NSBA 2Yr Old. Western Pleasure Snaffle bit. 
"Hollywoods Big Leaguer": ABRA World: 6th Jr HUS
"Shes Undun In Red": ABRA Open ROM HUS

2013 Show Season:
"Larkin So Creamy": ABRA ROM Hunter in Hand. ABRA Congress - Reserve Champion Hunter in Hand. ABRA World - 6th Jr Trail (2nd NSBA), 6th Barrel Racing, 3rd Stakes race, 3rd Keyhole, 8th Perf. Halter Mares, 4th Jr HUS (2nd NSBA), 5th 3 Yr Old Snaffle Bit (4th NSBA)
"Krymsun N Creme": ABRA Congress Champion Yearling In Hasnd Trail & 4th Yearling Longe Line. ABRA World 7th Yearling Longe line (5th NSBA)
"Heza Deluxe Gem": ABRA ROM - Jr HUS, Jr WP, & Hunter in hand. ABRA Congress - 6th Hunter in Hand, 9th AC Hunter in Hand, 5th AC Jr HUS, 5th Jr HUS
"Private Charter": ABRA Congress 5th Sr. HUS 
"Kisses Are Awesome":  ABRA World -  3 Yr Old Mares
"Gunz Drawn": ABRA World - 7th 4 Yr Old Geldings 
"MJK Vanzi King Glo": ABRA World 3rd 3 Yr Old Stsallions 
"MJK Glo Exquisiteleo":  ABRA World 3rd Weanling Stallions